First, you need to download and install the Plex Player and Xteve plugins. Choose your preferred operating system and download the installation file to your device. Here we use Windows operating system. Then download xteve from the link mentioned in the description. This is the supporting software for running IPTV on Plex.

Open and run the xteve installation file. You can see it start running.

Then copy the displayed link to the clipboard and paste it into one of the browsers. Then you can see that the xteve configuration is already loaded on your computer. Leave the number of tuners at the default and click Next.

Also leave the EPG source as default and continue. Then enter the m3u URL provided by your IPTV provider. At the same time, request the EPG URL of the same IPTV m3u URL. It will be used for the next steps. Here we use the example url for this tutorial, all credits go to the actual owner of the url creator.


enter your EPG URL here. finally

When displaying the xteve setup, the inserted IPTV link can be seen entering xteve setup. After that, all channels loaded into xteve setup can be seen by the IPTV link.

After launching the Plex MediaServer app and the server, navigate to Live TV and DVR open to set up the Plex DVR.

To access Xteve’s DVR, copy the address DVR IP from the top of the screen into the configuration window. Open the Xteve configuration window and paste the DVR IP. When the paste is complete, wait a few seconds for the IP to load. If it asks for the city and ZIP code, click Next. Next, choose the country and city it’s asking for.

An example EPG guide is provided for this tutorial. To paste it into your blank, use the link provided by your IPTV provider. To finish the process, click continue. This process is complete.

This process will scan all channels in the EPG, including links to incompatible M3U files. If this process is successful, please leave a comment below.